Our Mission:

We aim to provide the perfect environment for the DIY and IoT community in the Gulf region to grow and expand by supporting all those who are interested in learning or developing there skills. We provide easy and quick access to high quality educational material and products in those fields. We will supply you with all the equipment and tools that you will need to start innovating.

What We Do:

We have a large team of Engineers, professionals, and experts that are constantly developing and adding educational material and are standing by to offer help to any person interested in developing their skills or anyone who is struggling with anything related to DIY. Our team also conduct various educational workshops across Saudi Arabia.

Our Partners:

To provide you with original products at the best prices we became Arduino\s official distributors in Saudi Arabia. Also since we are interested in providing new and distinguished products from different international companies we partnered with Seeed Studio to provide you with easy to use high quality Arduino compatible products like sensors, shields and much more that will make your innovation process much easier.

Got Questions?

Want to know more? Interested in becoming part of our community? Want to suggest a product? Struggling with a certain DIY project? Want to ask something else?

Then lets talk!

You can contact us through our live chat, Whatsapp, social medial accounts, or just press our logo to send us a message. We are glad to help!

Our Partners:


What is Arduino?

Arduino is the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem. The Company offers a range of software tools, hardware platforms and documentation enabling almost anybody to be creative with technology.

Who uses Arduino?

Hundreds of thousands of designers, engineers, students, developers and makers around the world are using Arduino to innovate in music, games, toys, smart homes, farming, autonomous vehicles, and more. It has become the most popular electronics prototyping tool used by engineers and even large corporations. Also it is one of the most successful tools for STEM/STEAM education.

What is our part?

We are in Esnaha are an approved international distributor of Arduino. We are here to help anyone interested in becoming a part of the large and rich Arduino community. We offer a wide variety of Arduino products. In addition, we want to help everyone interested to learn everything about Arduino. Our group of Arduino experts is constantly uploading educational videos and conducting workshops in different locations.


Start learning Arduino today it’s easier than you think! Know enough? Then start shopping!

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Seeed Studio

About Seeed:

Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing services that empower makers to realize their projects and products. By partnering with technology providers from hardware to the cloud, Seeed offers a wide array of hardware platforms and sensor modules ready to be integrated with existing IoT platforms. With Shenzhenu2019s extensive and flexible supply chain, Seeed also offers customization and agile manufacturing services, ranging from a single unit to over 10,000 units. Seeed serves the global market from its headquarter in Shenzhen, China, with branch offices in the US and Japan.

Seeed’s Mission:

To be the most integrated platform for global creative technologists to turn ideas into products, by providing open technology and agile manufacturing from Shenzhen, the hardwareu00a0capital of the world.

What is our part?

We are in Esnaha are an official international distributor of Seeed Studios. We offer a wide variety of Seeed products including high quality sensors, shields, basic components, grove and much more. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products at suitable prices.


Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the upcoming educational events. If you have any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.